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Car engine motor works on the principle of four-stroke combustion cycle. Engine motor is the core behind the performance of every vehicle. The combustion cycle includes four phases. They are intake stroke, compression stroke, ignition stroke followed by the release stroke. Strokes followed one after another completes one cycle and power is produced which is utilized to drive the vehicle. Numerous parts of used engine motors contribute major role in this entire process. Different parts including spark plug, exhaust and intake valves, and piston play essential role in the efficient performance of your car.

The produced energy is shifted by the rod that attaches to the crankshaft car engine motor design needs minimal four cylinders to produce adequate power that will move the car through an estimated range of efficiency and speed. However, many car engine motor designs comprise of more than four cylinders. Some motor engines have six, eight, or ten cylinders. Many designs include twelve cylinders even It is very interesting to know how each of the stroke works. Let us start with Intake stroke. This stroke is simply the start of entire process for developing power.

In this stroke, the pistons are positioned at lower of the cylinder bottoms in the used engine motors. Fuel-air mixture gets injected in the cylinder at this moment. The major portion of this fuel-air contains air. This is because only little quantity of fuel is essential to produce the expected power that drives the vehicle. Nearly all newer car manufacturers implement fuel injector. This fuel injector is controlled with sensors. Fuel injector system plays major role as fuel needs to be injected at proper time and in appropriate quantity. This stroke is followed by the compression stroke.

Piston moves in upward direction. In this stroke the piston is directed towards the cylinder top. Because of this movement, the gap for the fuel-air mixture is decreased. This space determines the strength of explosion. Therefore it is necessary to place the seal at the top of the cylinder. This will simply avert the air-flow out causing more powerful explosion of the mixture. Ignition is the next stroke. In this stroke, spark plug positioned at the top of piston ignites the fuel-air mixture inside the cylinder.

Spark plug must produce the spark at the right time. Due to this spark the explosion is caused which moves the piston down to the bottom of the cylinder. Owing to this force the crankshaft gets moved which causes the movement of car in forward direction. This stroke is followed by release stroke. In this stroke the downward movement of the piston causes the exhaust valves to expel all the waste gas that is produced due to ignition of the fuel-air mixture. All four strokes are completed to move the vehicle. If you are interested in knowing more about this then online resources can help you. You can also find best deals for engine motor, car motor engine, motor engine parts, truck engine motor, used engine motors and diesel motor engine at Automotix coupons.
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